Monday, April 29, 2013


Tonight I can write the saddest lines
  This night my soul grieves
    the heart becomes dis consolable
     eyes dress and transform into pitiful torment
       my body becomes the definition of lugubrious
          dole some storms and wretched rain fall in my mind
            and the surroundings criminate my very existence
              anguish and misery are friends with satanical words that cause murder to my very sentiment
                my tears unshed screech to be released; maybe, perhaps I can rip out everything that never was 
                    for that I would have to do a villany affliction I already recieve
                      my mentality burdens with the notion that I have lost myself.
Extinction can save me from this infernal.
I  weep and whinge.
never mended.
I'll die in my sleep to that face once more.
carry me to hell I'll burn in eternity.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


What takes your sleep at night?
What haunts your mind?
that which hides in the dark
that makes you scream
or maybe cry
Darkness laughs like a hyena
envelopes you in it's domain
surronds you and blinds you
the fog that covers the ground from which the dead lay
six feet below
No full but new moon tonight
but no hope
death follows you like a hound with rabies
in a labybrinth that has no exit
demons dance
angels weep
the devil cackles
and smirks with glee
spiders crawl and bite all over
thrown in deep water barely alive
as sharks surrond you waiting for blood
impatient piranha don't like to wait
your toes are closeset to them
maybe you prefer to burn alive and gasoline pours like rain above
in a dark pit you recieve killer stares from a doll, a voo doo doll
your ears only hear the evil laughter from the psycho clown
you can't leave being stalked by a serial killer
you no longer can scream your lips being sewed shut
but don't worry the mentally ill person will care for you
don't like heights try falling off the empire state building
she hides in your closet waiting for you
while he stays under the bed to grab you
awaiting in the ceilling the other one is there
he will have you bleed to death from thousand little cuts that will scar your body so they say how ugly you are
they cover your body the vampires of the water leeches they are called for tonight you will dream of them
needles will pierce your skin like pinchs
your body will be ripped into chunks becase the wolves must eat tonight
your body will be cursed and you will roam the earth forever dealing with every pain and suffering reliving it for eternity
Is this what takes your sleep at night?
Does it haunt your mind?
maybe being cut to little pieces while still awake
or having to eat someone you know
being squeezed until you pop by a boa
or have your skin ripped off like an orange
it feeds off of your emotions
leaving you only with
would you be able to survive being buried alive next to your dead friend
or maybe be posessed by lucifer himself nowing no escape
What are your fears?